Knowing Your Right In The Case of A Slip And Fall On A Parking Lot

It can be difficult to know whether you can hold someone responsible in the event of a slip and fall in a parking lot which left you injured. It should come as a relief to you to know that yes, if unsafe conditions led to your full, and thus your injury, you may be able to file a liability claim against the person who either owns, or occupies, that property, or if neither of those are the case, against the party whose responsibility it is to maintain that property. (more…)

A Close Look At Premises Liability

At times, the legal issues that concern premises liability can provide an accident victim with grounds for suing the owner of the place where the accident took place. That would certainly be true, if the owner had allowed that same property to exist in an unsafe or defective condition. In other words, that would be the case, if the owner had been negligent. (more…)

When Can An Injured Victim Seek Punitive Damages?

The victim of an accident could consider suing for punitive damages, if their injury had been caused by the action or lack of action that had been taken by another person. Yet a smart Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge would not encourage such a lawsuit unless the allegedly guilty party had demonstrated behavior that might be called evil or inconceivable. Exemplary damages (another name for punitive damages) get awarded to the victim of actions that showed a disrespect for the injured person. (more…)