Facts That Shed Light On Traumatic Acquired Brain Injuries

The disorder referred to as a traumatic acquired brain injury reflects the effect of an outside force on the head. That force can cause an alarming increase in the amount of pressure within the skull. The brain can respond to that pressure in a variety of ways. For instance, it might develop a clot, demonstrate the effects of oxygen deprivation or exhibit a series of symptoms, with the possibility that the final symptom would be a seizure. (more…)

Are Most Spinal Cord Injuries Due To The Negligence of Auto Drivers?

The truth is that accidents which result from negligent behavior oftentimes end up to traumatic spinal cord injuries. There are at least 4,000 new cases every single year in the entire country of Canada. Out of this grand total it’s estimated that at least 42% are traumatic spinal cord injuries. This means that there was a rather violent external physical impact. Usually, these types of injuries derive from serious car accidents. The injuries which are associated with spinal cord injuries are oftentimes dislocations, contusions and fractures of the vertebral column of the victim. The injuries are also commonly a cause for the chronic pain syndrome which could derive from similar accidents. (more…)