Are Motorcyclist At An Increased Risk of Sustaining Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Even with all the advances of modern medicine, doctors are still struggling to diagnose patients with traumatic brain injury. And even when they are diagnosed, it is often with “mild” traumatic brain injury, which is a term that severely undersells the seriousness of its long-term effects. The next stage would be moderate or severe traumatic brain injury which has even more devastating consequences on the victim’s mind, body, and brain. (more…)

Facts That Shed Light On Traumatic Acquired Brain Injuries

The disorder referred to as a traumatic acquired brain injury reflects the effect of an outside force on the head. That force can cause an alarming increase in the amount of pressure within the skull. The brain can respond to that pressure in a variety of ways. For instance, it might develop a clot, demonstrate the effects of oxygen deprivation or exhibit a series of symptoms, with the possibility that the final symptom would be a seizure. (more…)