Compensation Claims For Motorcyclists And Bicyclists – The Consequences of Failing To Wear A Helmet

Safety is a crucial factor for motorcycle and bicycle riders, where helmets play a vital role in protecting lives. It is clearly understood that wearing a helmet protects the head during the impact of a crash. What is less well known is how a rider’s claim for damages is affected by not wearing a helmet, even if the accident is caused by the negligence of another party. State law in Ontario makes it mandatory for motorcyclists to wear a helmet, whereas cyclists over the age of 18 are not explicitly required to do so. (more…)

Proving Fault In Personal Injury Cases

In order to be awarded damages in a personal injury case, you have to determine who was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. Furthermore, there may be more than one party that’s legally responsible. However, the court must determine if the accident and the person’s injuries were caused by the other party’s negligent actions or reckless behavior. (more…)

Can Public Transit Operators Be Held Liable For Hard-Braking Injuries?

Many individuals ride the bus in order to save money on gasoline and do their part to protect our fragile environment. However, none of them anticipate getting injured when they are traveling on a public transit venue. Unfortunately, accidents will happen and people will get injured in the process. One of the more common types of injuries result when the bus driver has to brake hard in order to avoid a more serious collision. (more…)