Use Evidence To Preserve Your Legal Rights And Strengthen Your Claim

It helps to gather evidence as soon as possible. An accident victim should understand what sorts of evidence to seek.

Photographs can serve as an excellent source of evidence.

When photographing the scene of the accident, be sure to snap the pictured objects from multiple angles. Some evidence could disappear; some could be too large to take home, or it could be fixed in place. In that case, it is best to take a picture of that same item of evidentiary material.

If there are any traffic control devices in the area, or any traffic signs, be sure to photograph them. When possible, it helps to snap a picture that manages to frame the other driver’s view. That way, it should be possible to question the veracity of any claim that the other driver was not able to see all of the other vehicles that were at the location of the collision.

Get contact information

Share your own contact information and insurance information with the other driver.If the other driver has no insurance information, or any license, ask to see any official document that might be carrying that same driver’s name.

Try to get a statement from a neutral witness. That would not be someone that had been riding in any of the involved vehicles. Get the name of the arriving officer, or the officer’s ID number. That should make it easier for you to go after a copy of the police report.Try to get a copy of any accident report that the other driver completed and submitted to the authorities.

Is there video footage available?

Go to any store, business or parking lot that might have had a video camera focused on the scene of the accident. Do so as soon as possible, because stores do not save any footage for very long.

Use the contact information

Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton will try to get hold of any neutral witness. Ask about meeting with that same witness, in order to obtain a statement. Be sure to have the witness sign that same statement, so that it might be used in court.

Would a piece of clothing help to verify or refute the story from either party?

The victim of a slip and fall incident should save the footwear that he or she was wearing at the time of the fall. If a motorcycle rider had been wearing a helmet, then the features in and on that headgear could be used to support the rider’s claim.

A bloody piece of clothing might work to showcase the force of a car’s impact, or it might substantiate the claim that the victim’s injury had resulted in a substantial loss of blood.