What Is The “Duty To Mitigate Damages” In A Personal Injury Case?

There are many aspects to a personal injury case. If you are filing a personal injury claim against an insurance company, you will need to have substantial evidence to back up your claim. If you are injured in an accident involving negligence, many times, the case can be obvious and simple. For example, the driver of the other vehicle ran a stop light, which caused your car accident. If you were to file a claim on this accident, the owner of the vehicle could clearly turn things around and say that you did not maintain control of your vehicle and when he lost control of his, you hit him. This is often referred to as “duty to mitigate”. (more…)

Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

A personal injury can occur at any time and sometimes through no fault of your own. In fact, there are multiple ways that you can suffer from a personal injury, or accidents as some people refer to them as. Many times, personal injuries result because someone was negligent in their actions. Examples of this is an automobile accident, a slip and fall accident on property other than your own, a product that you purchased, or a misdiagnosed injury or illness. There are a few mistakes that people can make that can ultimately harm their personal injury case. (more…)