When Can An Injured Victim Seek Punitive Damages?

The victim of an accident could consider suing for punitive damages, if their injury had been caused by the action or lack of action that had been taken by another person. Yet a smart Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge would not encourage such a lawsuit unless the allegedly guilty party had demonstrated behavior that might be called evil or inconceivable. Exemplary damages (another name for punitive damages) get awarded to the victim of actions that showed a disrespect for the injured person. (more…)

Winter Is Slip And Fall Time In Ontario: What Are Your Rights After A Fall?

It’s that season of snow and ice once again. And at this time of the year, we get many clients seeking to pursue slip and fall claims after an accident due to improper maintenance of snow and ice on public and private properties This is when we need to remind our clients of limitation periods when it comes to these slip and fall claims so clients’ rights are still preserved. Let’s take a look at those limitation periods. (more…)