Winter Is Slip And Fall Time In Ontario: What Are Your Rights After A Fall?

It’s that season of snow and ice once again. And at this time of the year, we get many clients seeking to pursue slip and fall claims after an accident due to improper maintenance of snow and ice on public and private properties This is when we need to remind our clients of limitation periods when it comes to these slip and fall claims so clients’ rights are still preserved. Let’s take a look at those limitation periods. (more…)

Do Slip And Fall Claims Entirely Depend On Evidence?

When it comes to slip and fall cases it goes without saying that they are most commonly filed for during winter time. The explanation is incredibly simple – more ice equals more falls. However, what a lot of people fail to account for is the fact that saying that you’ve been involved in an accident of the kind and showing your injuries isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your words are quickly going to be turned inadmissible and your injuries are going to be irrelevant. That’s because you have no proof which links them to the claimed accident. It’s not going to take the opposing party’s lawyer a lot of efforts to quickly disprove your claims and toss the entire case away. (more…)