What Determines Value of Injury Claim, If Defendant Has No Insurance?

Even though the situation has improved over the past half-century, and some states require that anyone that owns a motored vehicle needs to have the appropriate insurance. Additionally, all motorists must realize that uninsured drivers do not hesitate to make use of the available roadways. For that reason, anyone that plans to drive a car, truck, van or SUV must become familiar with the procedure to follow, upon colliding with an uninsured driver. (more…)

Tips For Establishing Proof of Car Accident Claims

If you have been awarded benefit payments for an accidental injury, do not just sit-back and expect the money to come rolling in. The agency that has to deliver such payments has a legal right to seek answers to certain questions. Was the treatment that you received necessary? Were the charges for that same treatment reasonable? Your ability to answer such questions helps to prove the veracity of your claim. (more…)