Working With An Injury Lawyer After Auto Collision

The truth is that if you or someone you love has been injured or even killed in some sort of traffic collision, it is absolutely critical to make sure that you get in touch with an experienced professional personal injury lawyer. Having to go through a car accident is without a doubt a jarring experience. Unfortunately, a normal day could easily get upside down within a few seconds. The catastrophic aftermath for victims could involve extended stays in the hospital, loss of a vehicle, absolutely staggering emotional scarring and others of the kind. (more…)

Do Slip And Fall Claims Entirely Depend On Evidence?

When it comes to slip and fall cases it goes without saying that they are most commonly filed for during winter time. The explanation is incredibly simple – more ice equals more falls. However, what a lot of people fail to account for is the fact that saying that you’ve been involved in an accident of the kind and showing your injuries isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your words are quickly going to be turned inadmissible and your injuries are going to be irrelevant. That’s because you have no proof which links them to the claimed accident. It’s not going to take the opposing party’s lawyer a lot of efforts to quickly disprove your claims and toss the entire case away. (more…)

Is The Pit Bull Ban Really Effective Against Dog Bites And Attacks?

It’s true that more than a decade ago Ontario banned pit bulls. Of course, as you can expect, there was a serious round of controversy surrounding this particular legislative decision. People were questioning whether it would actually have any effect on reducing the amount of dog bites. With this in mind, the Toronto Star published official information, issues by the city of Toronto itself, and showing that these bans might truly be rather effective in this particular regard. (more…)

Different Phases of Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury is a particularly challenging area of the law. The complications are usually stemming out of the fact that the area itself is particularly vast and incredibly broad. There are hundreds of different potential causes which might cause an accident due to negligence and they are all enveloped by personal injury law, unless they fall within the definition and regulations of criminal law. With this in mind, being educated on the different phases of your personal injury case is definitely going to provide you with a lot of advantages when seeking out your legal representative – your personal injury lawyer. (more…)

What To Do After A Pedestrian Accident?

Nearly all of the cities in the Province of Ontario experience a significant growth with dynamic and busy traffic. There are more cars as well as scooters and also vehicles of the public transportation. This is what creates a lot more obstacles to face on the streets in Ontario if you are a pedestrian. This is also why there is an increase in these accidents. Regardless of whether you are hit by a car or you are involved in a hit and run accident, you need to ensure that you have experienced reliable and reputable experts behind your back in order to get the maximum legal representation. (more…)