If I Was At Fault, Will The Car Accident Claim Be Affected?

If you were partly at fault, your insurance claim will be affected differently than if you were completely at fault. In many states, there are no-fault laws that require drivers to share the blame when they cause an accident. However, if you’re injured in a car accident with another driver who was also partially at fault and this person ends up filing a lawsuit against you for money damages, then it’s possible that your own personal injury protection coverage could be voided by the courts due to comparative negligence on behalf of the other driver.


What Is The Role Of An Insurance Adjuster In An Injury Claim?

Insurance adjusters are a common sight in personal injury cases, but they may not be the best choice for you. Here’s why:

The Motivation of the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is motivated to make a profit for their company. They are not motivated to help you, and they will almost always do everything possible to make sure that they can pay for their own house, car and retirement.