What Damages Are Recoverable In A Personal Injury Claim?

When it comes to a personal injury claim, you want to make sure that you make not mistakes at any point. Your personal injury may have been caused by slipping on something on the grocery store floor over by the fruit section while you were just doing your grocery shopping. Or you could have been injured during an automobile accident. No matter what caused your personal injury, it is important that you do whatever you need to do in order to protect your case. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton will assist you every step of the way. (more…)

Can Injury Lawyer Prove Liabilities In Dog Bite Claim?

If you have ever been outside walking and spotted a person walking his or her dog, you may have heard the all too common statement, “oh my dog is friendly, he or she won’t bite!” Well, if only that was really true. Did you know that approximately 1 million people are bitten by dogs every year in Canada? If you have ever been bitten by a dog and want to take legal action against the dog’s owner, hire a lawyer. (more…)