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When someone is negligent, acts carelessly and causes injury to others, it warrants a claim and payment of damages to the victim. Irrespective of whether it was a car accident, slip and fall injury on commercial or private property or even a pedestrian accident, getting harmed due to a defective product, APC Personal Injury Lawyer will help you get the damages. You don’t have to endure financial repercussions because you were injured due to the fault of someone else.

To restore the quality of life that has been impacted with multiple losses such as medical and hospital expenses, loss of wages, future rehabilitation costs need to be paid out by the defendant. At our law firm, APC Personal Injury Lawyer, we know that there is duty of care to maintain safety but when an individual is negligent, there are lapses in the duty to care, he or she needs to be held accountable for their negligence. That is one of the reasons you need to have our lawyers representing you. We have years of experience in helping accident victims win millions of dollars as compensation for their injuries and are available to assist you with your claim for damages.

How can APC Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Our legal team has assisted innumerable accidents victims get justice and are available for your assistance. If you or your loved one is suffering with the aftermath of a mishap, you may be eligible to receive compensation and justice. That is why after seeking medical assistance, it is necessary to consult with one of our lawyers and get your case evaluated. With our large pool of lawyers, paralegals and assistants, we work together to handle every case that we take on while our network has other investigators, that work with us to piece together the evidence to draft a strong claim for damages. We ensure that you get all the professional legal assistance irrespective of whether the claim is negotiated out of court or litigated in court.

We know how overwhelming everything can become after you are injured in an accident. You are not only affected physically but the trauma lasts for a long time while your finances are affected, due to loss of wages and mounting hospital bills. Based on the level of injuries that you have sustained; the recovery period will vary. However, with APC Personal Injury Lawyer at your side, you don’t have to worry about going through all of this alone. We have the resources, skill and experience to ensure you get maximum compensation for our injuries and property damage.

We work to ensure that a strong claim case is drafted and you can recover peacefully knowing that we will responsibly take care of your claim process. From collecting evidence and documents to negotiating a fair settlement for you, we go that extra mile to ensure your rights are protected.

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Our personal injury lawyers have dedicated their practice to helping accident victims and their families get the compensation they deserve. The professional legal team of APC Law is comprised of injury lawyers, paralegals, law clerks, and support staff that are all dedicated to ensuring our clients receive a great possible results. By focusing on only one area of law, we are able to channel all of our resources to the practice of personal injury law and focus on providing outstanding results for our esteemed clients.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, our Hamilton, Brantford, and Cambridge personal injury lawyers have fought for the rights of victims in and out of the courtroom, recovering substantial settlements for our clients and their families. All of the lawyers at APC Law have trial experience. Even though most cases are settled at the mediation stage, our lawyers are always prepared to take a claim as far as needed and won't be intimidated by an aggressive opposing legal team.

Professionals in Personal Injury Law

Our lawyers are knowledgeable in injuries resulting from public transportation accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, long-term disability claims, and dog bites. The professionals at APC Law have handled many cases including orthopedic injuries, spinal cord or brain injuries, as well as injuries of psychological nature and chronic pain.

If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. If your injuries prevent you from visiting us at our office, we can come to you. APC Law routinely makes home and hospital visits, which not only provides our clients a convenient service, but also ensures that the victim's rights are protected right away.

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