Do You Know About Your Duties As A Canine Pet Owner?

Dogs can be a great access to your life. Many people see their dogs as members of their families, and this is a good thing. Individuals who love dogs also need to be aware that with this furry addition to the family come additional responsibilities. And some of those responsibilities are very serious, Dog attacks and biting dogs, for example, are responsible for many major emotional trauma and injuries. Dog owners need to be aware of this and prepare for it. (more…)

Is The Pit Bull Ban Really Effective Against Dog Bites And Attacks?

It’s true that more than a decade ago Ontario banned pit bulls. Of course, as you can expect, there was a serious round of controversy surrounding this particular legislative decision. People were questioning whether it would actually have any effect on reducing the amount of dog bites. With this in mind, the Toronto Star published official information, issues by the city of Toronto itself, and showing that these bans might truly be rather effective in this particular regard. (more…)