How To Legally Deal With A Dog Bite Injury

The law says more than this: A dog’s owner can be held liable for injuries to someone that was bit by the owner’s canine pet. It says that the government has chosen to carry out a strict enforcement of that particular law.

Specifics linked to the strict liability laws:

The dog’s owner can be held liable for the injuries caused by the owned canine’s bite, even if that pet owner had no idea that his or her pet could be so aggressive. The strict liability laws do not apply if the victim was not bitten. Moreover, the victim had to be bitten in public, or in a private space that the victim had entered legally.

What other remedies could the victim of a dog’s attack use, if the victim’s skin was not broken by the canine’s teeth?

In that case, the victim must prove that the owner’s pet was not under control, and therefore had the ability to attack the victim. Injury Lawyer in Hamilton knows that if it can be proven that the pet dog was not under control, then the owner can be held responsible for an attack made by an aggressive pet.

Sometimes the bit victim can be held partly at fault for the canine’s dangerous actions.

That would be the case, if the owner’s approach to controlling the canine pet had consisted solely of tying it to a bush, using a worn-out rope. Such actions would not qualify as evidence of an acceptable level of control on the pet owner’s part. Yet, if the victim had chosen to cut that rope, then that same victim could be held partly responsible.

Similarly, a victim might be held partly responsible, if he or she had managed to provoke the canine, causing it to respond by using its teeth. So, smart mothers and fathers do not let their sons or daughters try to touch any strange dog.

Young children do not understand how to act, when approaching a dog. At that point, it does not pay to direct any fingers in the direction of the animal’s face. That can annoy the same animal, causing it to snap at the innocent young child.

Moreover, a young child may not realize the degree of discomfort suffered by pets that have not been cared for properly. For instance, if a canine has not been given access to water, that same thirsty animal might become rather aggressive. An aggressive animal is apt to bite at someone that approaches it. Obviously, trespassers can alert any guard dogs to the need to take action. That action might entail biting at the trespasser. Hopefully, that perceived trespasser has not come into the pet’s yard in order to deliver the mail.