Taking Legal Action When A Defective Product Leads To Injury

When we purchase a product, we do so because we have faith in the manufacturer and thus believe that the product is safe and will work as intended. However, sometimes a product will have a defect, and that defect can lead to injury. If you have sustained such an injury, you may have grounds to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

The flaw in the product can originate in the design, manufacturing, or marketing stage, and regardless from which one of these it is, if the flaw makes the product not safe for use, then the entire product will be deemed defective. Oftentimes, the companies recall a product that has been deemed unsafe.

Here are some examples of defective products:

• Car parts have experienced recalls quite frequently compared to other products. This may sound daunting, but it is not always that serious. In some cases, the defect is merely in the paint, but there are also much more dangerous instances, in which defects have been discovered in the airbags or tires. Regardless, the cars are usually recalled quite quickly once the defect has been reported to the manufacturer.
• In recent years, the FDA has finally repealed its permit on silicone breast implants after a series of class actions have been filed against the manufacturers of multiple brands of such implants. The cause of this was a long string of health complaints by people who have experienced serious health problems after their implants leaked silicone into their bodies which led to symptoms ranging from tenderness and redness, all the way to swelling and deformity.
• Probably the most commonly experienced recall for the general public is because of food contamination. The reason for such a recall is typically a violation of the safety and labeling requirements which have been set by the Food and Drug Administration.
• Tobacco is also a rather common perpetrator of product defects. Lawsuits filed against them with help from personal injury lawyer in Cambridge typically revolve around complaints about misleading advertising or fraud, but can also be as serious as a lawsuit for secondhand smoking injuries.

Filing a class action lawsuit:

As mentioned above, a series of class action lawsuits was the reason for the repealed FDA permit on silicone breast implants, which proves that such lawsuits can be very effective. However, filing such a lawsuit can be extremely difficult. First, a class representative will need to be identified. Next, the class action must be certified. Only then can the claim be put together and backed by evidence. Your lawyer will ensure that all evidences and proofs are gathered and submitted in time that proves the liability of the defendant.