How To Proceed If You Were Injured In A Truck Accident

If a truck collides with an average-sized automobile, injuries to the car’s driver and passenger seem unavoidable. What should those injured victims do?

Actions to take at the scene of the accident

• Driver must remain at the crash scene.
• Arrange for someone else to call 911. Let them know if any passengers have been badly injured.
• Get pictures of any injuries and damage. Take notes, in order to recall what took place as your car collided with a truck.
• Exchange insurance information with the truck’s driver. Provide that same driver with your name, your phone number, your license number, the number on your license plate, the name of your insurance company and your policy number.
• Do not share a statement with those involved in the crash.

Actions to take once you have left the scene of the accident:

• Get medical help as soon as possible.
• Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Brantford.
• Get the police report. Make a copy of the same report and share it with your lawyer.

Who should be held accountable for the injuries and damage to the vehicles?

Your lawyer must work to discover the answer to this question. The responsible person will be expected to compensate the injured driver and any injured passengers. It could be that someone other than the driver should be held responsible.

Perhaps the owner of the truck should be held responsible. Was the truck owned by a leasing company? If so that same company could be charged with compensating any victims.

Maybe the shipping company failed to arrange for the proper placement of the shipped goods. Sometimes drivers are asked to load the items that must be shipped. This cuts costs, and permits the loading and unloading of goods at almost any hour of the day or night. If the driver’s lack of familiarity with acceptable loading procedures caused the accident, the shipping company could be held responsible.

Did the truck under go any repairs prior to the collision? If so, maybe it received a defective part. Then, the company that made the defective part can be charged with compensating the injured victims.

Was the repair shop aware of the defect? If so, then that business could be held accountable for the injuries and damage that resulted from the collision.

Was there a hazard on the road to which the drivers had not been alerted? Maybe the truck driver had not way of knowing the steep angle of the road’s decline. Lacking such knowledge, it could have been going at an unsafe speed. The hired lawyer must investigate each of those possibilities. Only in that way can a personal injury attorney identify the precise source of an injured client’s compensation.