Ontario Wants New Laws To Crack Down On Distracted Drivers

For the past sixteen years, Ontario’s roads have been consistently some of the safest in North America. But over the years, we have seen the influx of handheld devices on the market — and in the hands — of today’s population, including drivers. Even though operating a vehicle while using a handheld device is illegal in Ontario, Hamilton injury lawyers are still seeing a huge amount of accidents and injury claims resulting from distracted drivers. In Ontario alone, collisions resulting in death have doubled since the beginning of the decade. In Ontario, it is felt that new stronger measures must be taken against distracted and impaired drivers. (more…)

Wrongful Death: Hiring Legal Assistance When It Counts

The truth is that the loss of a loved one is definitely a challenging, emotionally-charged and heartbreaking time for the entire family. Even though the passing itself is hard enough, losses due to the carelessness or negligent act of others can be particularly hurtful to go through. If someone who is rather close to you has been killed because of the negligence of someone else, you should most definitely consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in Ontario, who is experienced in dealing with wrongful death cases. All of the wrongful death cases are covered under Part V of the Ontario Family Law Act. (more…)