Actions To Take If You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver

According to the law, the motorists involved in a car accident are supposed to exchange information. Each of them should provide the others with the name of the company that carries that motorist’s automobile insurance. Of course, such an exchange cannot be completed, if one of the drivers had failed to join the ranks of the insured.

Still, the presence of an uninsured driver does not threaten the ability of the other drivers to obtain fair compensation for damages. Yet each of them must be sure to follow the appropriate steps.

Steps to be taken on the day of the accident

• Contact the police. When the police arrive, provide them with your license number, the name of the state that has issued your license and the name of your insurance company.
• Go to a medical facility. Have your injuries documented.
• Contact the insurer that stands behind the policy that covers your vehicle. Share the basic facts about the accident.
• Contact a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton. That way, you will be ready to file a claim under your insurance policy.

Those describe the steps that should be taken by an insured driver, in the event that he or she gets hit by someone that has not purchased a similar policy. Of course, someone that has failed to buy car insurance might be apt to hit something other than another vehicle. Hence, the insured victim could be someone who had no reason by buy car insurance.

Here are some examples of how that situation might arise. A pedestrian with a green light steps off the curb. An uninsured motorist does not want to stop and drives through the red light. The impatient driver hits the pedestrian.

A woman that does not drive could use a ride to the library. She sees a new neighbor in his driveway. Not knowing that he has no car insurance, she asks if he could take her to the library. He agrees, but on the way they become involved in an accident. The woman that had wanted to go to the library ends up in a hospital’s emergency room.

A man that is prone to seizures has just moved into a new home, one not located in his home state. He must see a doctor, before he can get a new license; he has an appointment, but needs a ride. He asks a neighbor, not realizing that his neighbor never bothered to have his car insured. The two of them get involved in an automobile accident. Rather than seeing one doctor, the new state resident sees many men in white coats, while at a hospital.

All of those victims need to seek out a lawyer. With a lawyer’s help, any one of those three victims could search for a possible source of monetary assistance. In some locations there are funds that are designed to cover the victims that suffer the consequences of actions taken by an uninsured driver.