Will Injury lawyer In Hamilton Discuss Parking Lot Laws And Liability?

Accidents don’t just occur on the roadways; they can happen anywhere vehicles travel including parking lots. Even in the parking lot, injuries can occur and vehicle damage can be mild to extensive depending on the circumstances.

Cars are constantly coming into the parking lot and going out of it and are going in every direction so to figure out who is responsible in a parking lot accident may be tricky. What plays a part in determine who is at fault in a parking lot accident?

• Right-of-way
• Stop signs
• Location of the vehicle damage
• Surveillance video in some situations

Determining Fault in a Parking Lot Accident

When an accident occurs, it’s important to report it to your insurance company Immediately so they can come out and investigate the accident and try to determine what happened and who may be at fault. The claims adjuster working for the insurance company will talk to the drivers, talk to witnesses, inspect the vehicle, take photos, and measure the skid marks and other factors at the scene before going back to the company to discuss the accident with other professionals and determine what the next move will be.

Rear-End Accidents in Parking Lots

It happens, you are parked in the parking lot and another car pulls in behind you in the other parking space only to pull up too far and rear end you. In most cases, the tailing driver is the one who is responsible for the accident because they failed to maintain control of their vehicle.

The same rule applies if you come up to a stop sign in the parking lot or a stop light and the person behind you doesn’t see or notice you have stopped and hits you from behind. They have failed to maintain control of their vehicle.

Determining Fault In a Parking Lot Accident

So how do you determine fault in an accident that takes place in a parking lot? The driver’s insurance agent will investigate and determine who is responsible. Along with any law enforcement available to work the accident, a responsible person will be determined.

Once the person at fault has been identified,that individual will be responsible for paying any compensation needed for damage done to property, the other vehicle, and personal injury received to the individual that was hit.

Injury Claims and Compensation After a Parking Lot Accident

Driver’s, pedestrians, or bicyclists could be victims of parking lot accidents and suffer injuries. If this is the case, person injured may be the person who received compensation for:

• Medical bills from their injuries received in the accident
• Loss of income due to not being able to work due to injuries received
• Other out of pocket expenses and losses they may have suffered due to the accident
• Mental and physical pain and suffering due to the accident

These losses may be covered in the settlement from the insurance agency however if two sides are unable to reach an agreement on the amount, the person who received an injury may file a lawsuit and take the other person to court.