What Types of Questions To Expect At A Slip And Fall Deposition?

At a slip and fall deposition, the Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton for the defendant hopes to find a reason for charging the plaintiff with acting in a manner that could be considered negligent. slipSome of the expected questions will reflect that fact.

Many of the questions will resemble the ones asked during any personal injury deposition.

• Where do you live? What is your age? At what level did you finish your education? Where did you work before the accident?
• Have you had medical problems in the past?
• What was the date of your accident? At what time of day did it take place? Where did the incident take place?
• How did you get hurt?
• How were you treated after you got injured? Did you need any pain medication?

Other questions could deal with details that relate to the slip and fail incident.

• Why had you ventured onto the spot where you slipped and fell?
• What sort of footwear did you have on that day? Did you expect to be going to the spot where you slipped and fell?
• Were your hands free, or were you carrying some specific item?
• How did you approach the spot where you fell? Were your eyes facing straight ahead, or were you looking down?
• What action did you take when you felt yourself slipping?
• Did you feel both feet sliding at the same time, or did one-foot start to slip before the other one?
• How did you land, after you had completed your fall?
• What symptoms did you have after experiencing that fall?
• What health care providers did you see?

There will also be questions on what life is like, now that you have recovered, or partially recovered.

• What treatment did you receive for your injuries? How well were you able to recover from your injuries?
• Have you been able to return to work? Were you able to take care of simple tasks around the home, such as cooking and cleaning? If not, how did you arrange for help with those same tasks?
• Did you need to undergo any physical therapy? If so, how frequently did you have to meet with a physical therapist?
• How has your injury affected your daily life? Did you need to buy any extra medical equipment, such as crutches or a wheelchair? Did you have to make any changes in or around your home, such as adding a ramp?
• Were there activities that you enjoyed in the past, but that you can no longer do, due to your injury? Have you found an alternative source of enjoyment, since cannot do what you did before?
• What about the simple tasks that must be done each day; do you struggle to complete those tasks?