What is the Point of View of Injury Lawyers in Cambridge on Product Liability Cases?

An Injury Lawyer in Cambridge is going to take care of a lot of different cases, considering that the area of personal injury law is incredibly vast. However, the state of Ontario has Provincial laws that differ from the ones set forth by other states and they should be taken into consideration as they are the only ones that have legal effect on society. With this in mind, we recognize several different potential causes for personal injury cases that may require the contracting of an Injury Lawyer in Cambridge.

Product liability

These are cases which derive from defective or all in all faulty product. The responsibility may be carried out by the manufacturer or by the vendor, provided that the latter has purchased the right to sell the product. As per Ontario’s current legislation, this kind of responsibility may derive from both Contractual law and basic negligent behavior.

When it does derive from the Contract Law, the Sale of Goods Act takes effect and the case should be resolved accordingly. The aforementioned act clearly governs that every product should fit the set forth standards and should be fit for general usage. If the product does not meet these criteria the vendor may be hold responsible in the event of an injury as result of the defect.

When the case derives from the negligent behavior of the vendor or manufacturer, respectively, there is also a duty of care involved. This suggests that the selling party should take proper care of the product and if this duty is somewhat breached it could be held liable.

Car accidents

Car accidents are often grounds for insurance disputes and some Injury Lawyers in Cambridge offer representation in front of the insurers. It is important to know that the Rules of Fault Determination take place in the state of Ontario and as per them a certain amount of fault should be assigned to each of the involved in the car crash. The fault is then calculated and the compensations are reduced accordingly. Of course, if the fault is 0% then the victim is entitled to the full amount of the compensation.

Slip and fall accidents

These take place when there is a breach of the Occupier’s Liability Act. The cited legal provision governs that each owner or an entity that is in charge of managing certain property should take the require precautions to prevent any sorts of incidents involving other citizens. Therefore, if you slip and fall on a slipper floor in a shop and the owner or the tenant haven’t placed an alarming sign, you are going to be fully entitled to file a compensatory claim for the injuries that you have had to suffer from. That is because you had no prior knowledge or warning about it and suffered the injuries due to the negligence of others.