What Is The Goal of The Insurance Claims Adjuster

No one insurance claims adjuster has the same habits, attitude and personality as some other adjuster. Still, all such adjusters have the same goal.

The adjuster’s goal

Decide how much money the insurance company should offer to one of its claimants. All adjusters are expected to minimize that claim. Each of them must strive to achieve that goal in a limited amount of time. Each of them gets assigned a large number of cases, with each case being from a different claimant.

The ways that the adjuster strives to achieve his or her goal:

Injury Lawyer in Brantford know that the adjusters look for any inconsistency in the statements made by the claimant. Insurers like to point to such inconsistencies, and to accuse the person who has issued the differing statements of being unreliable or evasive.

Possession of a recorded statement becomes an adjuster’s dream, each time that he or she gets assigned to work on a new case. The dreamed-of recording would be made by the claimant linked to that new case. A recording could become a source of material that might contain some mention that differs greatly from anything said previously.

In addition to desiring a recorded statement, adjusters’ minds often focus on the desirability of possession of all of a given claimant’s medical records. Claimants/victims with a lawyer can make sure that an insurance company gains access to only a limited number of records. In the absence of a lawyer, a claimant’s signature can provide an insurer with the chance to study all of the medical records for one of the insurer’s various claimants.

An adjuster’s job becomes easier if he or she can take advantage of a deep understanding of the claim and negotiation process. Yet that understanding does not represent a familiarity with the claim to which the adjuster must assign a given monetary value. Still, adjusters try to cover-up the existence of those 2 different levels of understanding.

The final way

Finally, adjusters’ common goal matches with their love for this one last method for achieving that goal. This last method involves getting under the claimant’s skin. That is done by urging acceptance of a quick end to the ongoing negotiations.

When accident victims agree to a quick settlement, they tend to go along with a figure proposed by the insurance company. That is usually a low figure. Seldom does anyone that accepts such a figure obtain a truly fair compensation.

That fact does not trouble adjusters’ minds. They are focused on their goal, and that does not call for delivery of fair compensation. Those facts highlight the reason that anyone that has filed a personal injury claim should keep in mind at all times the goals held by insurance claim adjusters.