The Significance of A Tort Claim In Ontario

Victims of a car accident in Ontario get some financial help from OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) along with possible assistance from the Ontario Ministry of Health. Still, those funds do not always cover all of a given victim’s losses. That fact highlights the significance of the tort claim.

What is a tort claim?

It serves as a legal means for seeking damages, if you have been injured in an accident. The person that wins a tort claim can hope to receive what was missing from an insurance claim. In addition, all tort claims have the ability to safeguard a given victim’s lifestyle, so that it remains intact well into the future.

What sort of coverage could be missing from the insurance claims that were filed by various claimants?

• Compensation for pain and suffering
• Reimbursement for loss of present and future income
• Compensation for a disruption of family life.

For what types of accidents can the victim file a tort claim?

• Collision of motor vehicles
Slip and fall incidents
• Brain injury
• Cycling accident
• ATV accident
• Dog bite

What sort of legal fee does such a victim get charged?

Victims that have filed a tort claim usually hire a personal injury attorney. Such an attorney normally charges a contingency fee. The size of the contingency fee gets based on the amount of money that has been won by the plaintiff.

In other words, the Injury Lawyer’s in Brantford fee equals an agreed-upon percent of the money that was awarded to the client. The client normally agrees to a given percent before any money has been won.

Suppose that the attorney lost the client’s case; then what would be the amount of that attorney’s fee? There would be no fee, because the client had been unable to win any money. Most personal injury lawyers will not take a case, unless they feel certain that it can be won. Personal injury lawyers use that special type of fee, because they hope to make life as easy as possible for each of their clients. An injured client, or one that has suffered a different sort of loss usually has a limited amount of money. The fee structure facilitates the payment of the hired lawyer.

Moreover, there is no upfront payment. The lawyer puts in a great deal of effort with the expectation of receiving only a given percentage of the client’s award. Of course, the greater the extent of the lawyer’s effort, the greater the chances that the client will indeed receive a fair reward. On the other hand, there are times when an attorney’s fee amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. That could happen if a client got injured by a defective product.