Terms of Statute of Limitations In Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve been allegedly injured due to the negligent actions or carelessness of another individual or company, you’d have to be very careful when it comes to the terms. Filing a claim is without a doubt the most important step towards recovering your damages and obtaining the much needed compensation to cover the damages and additional costs of medical treatment, loss of personal property which is associated with your injuries.

Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of limitation periods which are included in the Ontario law which would limit the time duration that you have in order to file the actual lawsuit. They are called statutes of limitations. You are required to adhere to the timeline and if you miss one of them, you might lose the chance to file a claim altogether. This is why it’s critical to be precise and punctual. Working with a personal injury lawyer from day one would obviously be of tremendous help. Let’s have a look at some of the most common time terms that you’d have to consider and be aware of. These include:

• Seven days – this is the time you get to duly notify the accident benefit insurance company about the accident
• Thirty days – this would be the term within which you need for submission of the accident benefits application
• One hundred and twenty days – you have to provide a written notice to the driver who has been at fault if you intend to sue him or her
• 1 year – You can file a lawsuit for damages on the vehicle
• 2 years – file a lawsuit against the at-fault party or the insurer

Of course, personal injury law involves a lot more than just car accidents and this is something that you ought to take into account. Additionally, there are different circumstances that you’d have to account for in order to make sure that everything is taken care of perfectly. For instance, the terms are slightly different if you have been involved in an accident and the party you intend to sue is the government or any form of governmental institutions. So, let’s say that you’ve slipped and fallen on a frozen sidewalk which has been the responsibility of the municipality that you live in.

You would have to file a written notice to the municipality within the first 10 days of the accident. This is something that you need to account for. If you fail to do so, you might lose your right to a claim further on.

As you can see, the necessity of a personal injury law is absolutely obvious and this is definitely something that you need to take into very serious account. With this in mind, you should go ahead and hire one from the first day of your injury, if you are able to – this will ensure that you are in good position.