Do Slip And Fall Claims Entirely Depend On Evidence?

When it comes to slip and fall cases it goes without saying that they are most commonly filed for during winter time. The explanation is incredibly simple – more ice equals more falls. However, what a lot of people fail to account for is the fact that saying that you’ve been involved in an accident of the kind and showing your injuries isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your words are quickly going to be turned inadmissible and your injuries are going to be irrelevant. That’s because you have no proof which links them to the claimed accident. It’s not going to take the opposing party’s lawyer a lot of efforts to quickly disprove your claims and toss the entire case away.

You might want to hire the services of an injury lawyer that has a track of winning such cases for the clients. There are a few things that you might want to take into account if you’ve been involved in such an accident.

Document it right away

The first thing that you want to do is to take pictures. Regardless of whether you have a camera or a smart phone, you can shoot a few pictures in order to present the lawyer with a leg to stand on when building your case. This is going to help you pin the injury with the accident which is going to confirm the causality link – one of the necessary premises for a personal injury claim in the first place.

Ask someone to testify.

Look around you and determine whether someone saw you fall or not. If someone comes to help you, kindly ask him to assist you be giving testimony. Record his personal information – names and number should suffice.

Get medical help

You should get medical help right away, regardless of the consequences. If you want to claim an injury of the kind, the only way you can do so is if the injury is actually recorded. Unless you have a doctor acclaiming that this is in fact an injury – you wouldn’t be able to claim for it. Of course, there are tons of other things that you might want to take into account but these are just the ones which are paramount. Following these three simple steps is going to significantly increase your likelihood of getting compensated for your injuries.

Keep in mind that you’d also have to notify the opposing party of your intentions to seek compensation within 7 days of the accident, so it’s vital that you move and act as quickly as you can. Missing this term is going to result in some particularly annoying complications and you might not be able to get compensation at all. Contact an injury lawyer in Hamilton, as soon as you can. They will be able to guide you better.