Signs That You Suffer From A Slipped Disc Injury

If you think about what can happen to the spinal discs at the time of a collision, all that we can say is that it can be debilitating. There are plenty of personal injury lawyers in Hamilton that focus on slipped disc injuries and spinal injuries. It is important to understand the intricacies of the spinal injuries before moving on to the legal implications.

The discs in the cervical column cushion the bones that make up that same column. Their structure allows them to absorb any shock to the region of the backbone. Each of those discs has an outer ring, one that surrounds a softer, inner portion. A slippage can cause the disc’s inner portion to extend into the outer ring. Such a slippage leads to creation of a herniated disc/slipped disc.

Consider what happens to a car’s driver and passengers at the time of an accident. First, their bodies feel the force of the impact. After that their backbone might get bounced against some other object. Even if it does not hit anything else, it could still get twisted around. For that reason, the injured victims at the scene of a collision often exhibit the some of the symptoms that are found in a disc-associated injury.

What are the symptoms of a slipped disc?

Each symptom that indicates the presence of a herniated disc results from added pressure to the spinal nerve. That added pressure has come from the extended section of the disc’s soft, inner portion. Inside of the ring, it has acted as a cushion; outside of that hard structure, it has become a pressure-filled force.

That same force can cause numbness and tingling in various parts of the body, namely those parts that receive signals from the spinal nerve. In addition, it can cause weakness of the muscles. Furthermore, it can aid production of unrelenting pain.

As the forces on the spinal nerve trigger production of pain signals, those same signals can be felt in the arms and legs. Sometimes the painful sensations arise on only one side of the body. Sometimes they reach beyond the arms and legs, into the shoulders, neck or buttocks.

It may not take a great deal of activity to send a sensation of pain into some appendage of a man or woman that is trying to recover from an accident. If that same person goes on just a short walk, he or she might notice those unwanted painful feelings. Indeed, that would be another sign that the same accident victim has developed a herniated disc.

What is the prognosis for such an injury?

A physician’s prognosis explains how a given injury might respond to treatment. It can indicate how long an injured victim might have to deal with a marked degree of pain. Victims that must learn to live with a slipped disc have to deal with what can seem like ongoing, unrelenting pain.

The pain affects their lifestyle. It hampers their ability to enjoy life. For that reason, the same injured victim ought to contact a personal injury lawyer in Brantford. They will help you get justice and get compensated for the injuries and future medical treatment, loss of wages and more.