Recent Changes To Ontario’s Disability Support Program

The purpose of the Ontario Disability Support Program is to provide the disabled and their loved ones with financial aid when they would otherwise be unable to afford the basic essentials needed for survival. This includes benefits for medication, vision aids, and guidance for their employment and career.

In the past, disabled individuals were at risk of losing all of these benefits if they had recently obtained pain and suffering benefits. However, this could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the newest changes in the government program.

The Goals of The Ontario Disability Support Program

The benefits paid by the Ontario Disability Support Program will arrive in the disabled person’s back account on a monthly basis. They serve as income support and are meant to be used to purchase the base essentials, such as food, clothing, medication, vision aids, or to afford the monthly rent.

Additionally, the program also offers employment services to those who are capable to perform essential work tasks and would thus be able to have their own income. Included in these services is basic coaching, job training, support in career advancement, help throughout the job-hunting process, assistance with the job commute, as well as the providing of essential equipment and tools needed to fulfill the new job.

It should also be noted that people over sixty-five may also be eligible to sign up for this program should they not be able to fulfill the requirements set by Old Age Security. In general, the Ontario Disability Support Program is available to any disabled person above the age of eighteen. However, before you file a claim, discuss your case with an injury lawyer in Brantford, so that they can assist you through the complete process.

How Recent Changes Shift the Relationship Between Ontario Disability Support Program Benefits And Personal Injury Claims

Before the government decided to make essential changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program in early 2018, the disabled were always at risk of losing their benefits whenever they filed a personal injury claim. This is because the settlement of a claim higher held the potential of taking away their eligibility for the program.

Prior to the changes, any settlement higher than $100,000 would cost the plaintiff their Ontario Disability Support benefits. However, as of 2018, that cap has been removed for all the personal injury settlement awards listed here:

• Medical expenses related to personal injury or fatality
• Pain and suffering related to personal injury or a family member’s death
• Loss of companionship and care due to the death or injury of a family member
• Prejudgment interest, unless it also covers and interest on income
• Non-economic losses covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and Workers’ Compensation Act of the province