Quick Look On Premises Liability Scenarios

Following a slip and fall that left you injured, the first question you ask yourself may be whether the property owner can be held liable for the accident. Regardless of whether your fall was on public or private property, the answer to your question is oftentimes not as clear as you may expect. To get a better feel for your legal right regarding this matter, you can read on.

Sustaining An Injury In Or Around a Public Place

Whether it be a grocery store, a motel, an airport, or any other public place, there are pretty strong guidelines which can give you an idea of which accidents the owner of the space can be held responsible for and which not.In order for the owners of the establishment to be held liable, they need to have been aware of the hazard and potential for injury.

If this is the case, and they have made no reasonable effort to remove said hazard or put up a clear warning sign, they will most likely be held liable for your injuries. This accounts for wet floors, slippery ice and snow on the sidewalk or parking lot surrounding their property, or any other such instance.In short: if the staff was aware of the hazard and did nothing to warn you or remove the hazard, they may very well be held legally responsible for your injuries. Talk with a personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton about your case.

Sustaining An Injury On A Public Sidewalk

Depending on where you live, the legal circumstances surrounding slip and falls on sidewalks will differ. When it comes to municipalities, they are generally required to maintain safe conditions for residents on streets and sidewalks. It is, however, quite difficult to sue a province or local government since quite a few have statutes that grant immunity for governments in such cases.

However, if you find yourself injured as the result of badly executed safety regulations surrounding a construction site, you may be able to sue the construction company since they are required to maintain safe conditions on all sidewalks surroundings their construction site.

Sustaining An Injury At A Neighbor’s Or Friend’s Home

In cases like these, you will have to prove that the owner of the home neglected to warn you of the easily overlooked hazard which caused your injuries. If you manage to do so, you could potentially receive compensation from the homeowner.