Understanding More about Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule

Even though personal injury law is particularly vast area of the law, there are certain divisions which are a lot more common than others. For instance, motorcycle accidents in the state of Ontario are incredibly common occurrence due to the large number of actual bike riders. However, as of the last year, there are certain amendments in the legislation which relates to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Ontario. This impacts the practice of almost every personal injury lawyer in Cambridge who has decided to practice law in this particular field of expertise. It is a common reason for slip and fall injuries, orthopedic and even spinal injuries.

Features of SABS

The fact is that the changes introduced to the SABS are not actually affecting the different types of particular accident benefits which are being offered. They are directed towards the amount that the Ontario drivers as well as passengers are going to receive if they have been injured in automobile accident. Almost every Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge is going to advise you to file for the rehabilitation as well as for the care benefits if you have been the victim in a car accident. However, this is one of the targeted areas by the amendments and there are significant changes in the limitations of the amounts.

The current legislation puts the injury in three particular groups based on the severity of the damages incurred by the injured party. With this in mind, the three different groups are going to be limited to a particular extend. If the compensatory claim which is being filed exceeds this particular limit, it will be reduced by the court and this is not a subject to appealing, which should be considered by the Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge.

  • Minor injuries – the compensation limit for rehabilitation and care benefits is set up to $3,500
  • Non-minor injuries – the limit for these injuries is currently altered and set up to $50,000 which are available for both medical and rehabilitation benefits
  • Catastrophic injuries – as the name suggests, these are the most severe of them all and the limit is set to $1,000,000. In addition to this amount of money, the injured party involved who has suffered catastrophic injuries is also able to receive up to another $1,000,000 in benefits for attendant care. These are specifically designated to cover the expenses which are done for the required nursing home.

The changes are overall considered to be positive as they serve a double-faced purpose. They would limit the responsibility of the person who has manifested the negligent behavior to a certain extend as the purpose of personal injury law is only to compensate but not to punish. At the same time it gives the claiming Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge a clear statement as per what the maximum amount of money that he can claim is.

Understanding All About Right Of Way Of Pedestrians

As unfortunate as it may sound, a large portion of the cases that an Injury Lawyer in Hamilton is going to handle throughout his career in personal injury law are going to involve pedestrian accidents. Accidents of this kind are likely to result with a fatality or if not at least a severe physical as well as emotional trauma is almost always guaranteed. However, it is important to look through the grief and seek your rights in situations like this in order to get what is rightfully yours. There are several factors that should be considered by the Injury Lawyer in Hamilton when it comes to pedestrian accidents and their situation in the court.

The right of the way and the pedestrian

Now, the fact is that every province is likely to have different and proper laws when it comes to the rights of the pedestrians on the roadways. There is one thing that all of them share in common – most of the laws are going to strongly favorite the pedestrian. This is due to the simple logic that the driver is protected by his car or vehicle of any kind while the pedestrian is fully exposed and he is likely to suffer a lot more as a result of the impact. There is also a heavy lawful expectation on drivers to be extremely cautious when driving near pedestrians in order to avoid accidents.

However, there are certain laws that the pedestrian should also follow and if he fails to do so and he is involved in an accident then his rights are likely to be severely limited. This is why it is important for the Injury Lawyer in Hamilton to make a thorough investigation prior to filing the motion in order to avoid any surprises. However, it is important to note that even if the pedestrian is crossing without having the legal right of way, the driver of the vehicle can still be found to be at fault.

Changes in recent legislation

The government has issued several amendments to the current legal provisions which set forth the rules of transportations. The new Road Safety Rules which are in effect as of the 1st of September in 2015, place a greater emphasis on tightening up the room for error. The legislature is getting a lot tougher on issues such as distracted riving and there are penalties which are set forth in this particular regard. There are also new rules which regard the cyclists and introduce new requirements for keeping them safe.

All in all, the Injury Lawyer in Hamilton who is claiming should be well aware that he is likely to have the law on his side and he should make sure to take this into proper advantage throughout the entire case. This will ensure that justice is delivered as due.

What is the Point of View of Injury Lawyers in Cambridge on Product Liability Cases?

An Injury Lawyer in Cambridge is going to take care of a lot of different cases, considering that the area of personal injury law is incredibly vast. However, the state of Ontario has Provincial laws that differ from the ones set forth by other states and they should be taken into consideration as they are the only ones that have legal effect on society. With this in mind, we recognize several different potential causes for personal injury cases that may require the contracting of an Injury Lawyer in Cambridge.

Product liability

These are cases which derive from defective or all in all faulty product. The responsibility may be carried out by the manufacturer or by the vendor, provided that the latter has purchased the right to sell the product. As per Ontario’s current legislation, this kind of responsibility may derive from both Contractual law and basic negligent behavior.

When it does derive from the Contract Law, the Sale of Goods Act takes effect and the case should be resolved accordingly. The aforementioned act clearly governs that every product should fit the set forth standards and should be fit for general usage. If the product does not meet these criteria the vendor may be hold responsible in the event of an injury as result of the defect.

When the case derives from the negligent behavior of the vendor or manufacturer, respectively, there is also a duty of care involved. This suggests that the selling party should take proper care of the product and if this duty is somewhat breached it could be held liable.

Car accidents

Car accidents are often grounds for insurance disputes and some Injury Lawyers in Cambridge offer representation in front of the insurers. It is important to know that the Rules of Fault Determination take place in the state of Ontario and as per them a certain amount of fault should be assigned to each of the involved in the car crash. The fault is then calculated and the compensations are reduced accordingly. Of course, if the fault is 0% then the victim is entitled to the full amount of the compensation.

Slip and fall accidents

These take place when there is a breach of the Occupier’s Liability Act. The cited legal provision governs that each owner or an entity that is in charge of managing certain property should take the require precautions to prevent any sorts of incidents involving other citizens. Therefore, if you slip and fall on a slipper floor in a shop and the owner or the tenant haven’t placed an alarming sign, you are going to be fully entitled to file a compensatory claim for the injuries that you have had to suffer from. That is because you had no prior knowledge or warning about it and suffered the injuries due to the negligence of others.

Top Features to Look for in Expert Injury Lawyers

There are a few things that you should be looking out for in an Expert Injury Lawyer in Hamilton. Of course one of the main things to seek is profound and thorough knowledge of the law which is likely to be represented through the educational background and the experience of the attorney. However, there are some things that would differentiate the average attorney from the expert injury lawyer in Hamilton.

A proven track record

This is something that’s of great essence. There are a lot of sole practitioners as well as law firms who claim to have a ground breaking winning ratios and when asked to prove that they start to spin the topic into a completely different direction. A professional and reputable attorney won’t be afraid to show you his track record because this is the best advertisement. They understand that you are in need and want to work with a dedicated and qualified professional.

Maximum cash settlements

This is another incredibly essential thing to look out for. Statistics and surveys show that approximately 90% of the personal injury cases in the state of Ontario do not even reach the court room. This is due to the fact that they are settled prior to that and the parties have agreed upon an out-of-the-court agreement which is commonly referred to as a settlement contract. This is why you would want to make sure that the attorney of choice is capable of getting the most out of the negotiations. An expert injury lawyer in Hamilton is going to be deeply profound regarding his knowledge about the law and he will know how to use this as his advantage while negotiating a settlement.

Contingency fees

This is another conclusive proof that the attorney that you have in mind is definitely of top notch quality. Contingency fee suggests that if the lawyer doesn’t win the case he won’t get paid. Most of the average lawyers are going to demand a certain amount of money upon taking the case and the rest of the amount when the case is over. However, an expert injury lawyer in Hamilton is going to show you his confidence in himself and his possibility to win the case by offering you to work on a contingency fee. This way, there is nothing for you to lose, apart from potentially having to pay the opposite side’s legal expenses in the event in which you lose the case.

Free consultation

Free consultations are a way of telling the clients that you are not going to make money off of giving away your professional advice. This is an incredible statement which is definitely showing off the right kind of signal to the potential clients. It is also a way to attract new customers without them having to pay excessive amounts of money prior to even taking the case under your wing.