Know About The Damages To Sue For In A Wrongful Death

There are a lot of injuries which could take place after an accident of any kind and unfortunately, in certain situations, said accident can even be lethal. If it has been caused negligently to the extent to which it’s not a crime, we will fall within the categorization of a wrongful death case. This is something particularly challenging to go through a trial for because it involves a tremendous amount of legal provisions. While it may look easy to get through a lawsuit for wrongful death on the surface, the truth is that it’s far from this. (more…)

Know About Types of Slips And Falls Accidents

The truth is that Canadians are regularly injured in slip and fall accidents which result from the unsafe conditions of a certain property. When a person contemplates an accident that may result in a particularly serious injury, car accidents and motorcycle accidents and all sorts of vehicle collisions usually come to mind. However, slip and fall incidents are amongst the leading causes of accidental injuries in the province of Ontario, right on par with vehicle collisions. Even though senior adults are usually the ones who are injured more severely when they fall, people of all sorts of age succumb to these particular injury types. (more…)

Filing For A Product Liability Claim After Using Unsafe Products

The truth is that millions of people throughout the entire province of Ontario purchase different products every single day. They range from food and groceries to mechanical instruments, vehicles and even toys for their kids. Of course, as you buy the product you have the realistic expectation that the manufacturer and the sellers have ensured that it’s in safe condition and that it’s not going to cause any significant threats to your health or to the one of your friends and family. (more…)

Are All Pedestrian Accidents Caused By Driver’s Negligence?

Now, as unfortunate as it may sound, pedestrians oftentimes get involved in collisions with motor vehicles due to the negligence of third parties. Pedestrians have the right of way as long as they are actively abiding the law set forth in Ontario and that’s something that drivers should most definitely conform to. Pedestrian-motorist accidents oftentimes take place in different communities throughout the entire Ontario and as long as they do, the pedestrian is the one who usually suffers sever or even fatal injuries. No one is immune to accidents of the kind and they can happen to pedestrians of all ages. In Canada, the onus is on the driver to take proper care with regard to the safety of the pedestrian. (more…)