Long-Term Health Consequences of Slip Or Trip And Fall Accidents In The Workplace

Whether you’ve sustained injuries by being careless or you slipped or tripped and fell on someone else’s property, you could be dealing with long-term health consequences as a result. In recent years, these types of accidents have become far too common in the workplace. According to statistics released by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, an average of approximately 60,000 individuals are injured in these types of accidents on an annual basis.

Statistics and Causes

Falls are not only some of the most frequent causes of injuries in the workplace, they are statistically the largest source of accidents while on the job. Furthermore, lost time on the job is often attributed to sustaining injuries in slip or trip and fall accidents that occur in the workplace. Here are some additional statistics:

• 87% of all fractures sustained by individuals 65+ occur outside of the workplace
• slip or trip and fall accidents are the primary cause of injury and in some cases, fatalities for individuals over 85 years of age
• the second leading cause of fatalities among individuals aged 65 to 84 are due to slip or trip and fall accidents

Floors that are shiny or slippery, food spills and other types of messes, inappropriate drainage, unexpected changes in a floor’s surface, and wearing the wrong type of footwear all contribute to slipping and falling accidents. You can be left with serious injuries that can take long to recover. Additionally, injuries that are attribute to tripping are usually caused by:

• cluttered workspaces
• obstructed views
• poorly lit stairwells
• poorly maintained floors
• unseen objects

Conversely, falling typically results from dimly lit stairwells, poor storage racks access,
uneven floor surfaces, and using chairs or ladders inappropriately. It becomes the responsibility of the premise owner to take care of these issues and can be held liable for the injuries of the plaintiff. Thus, as a plaintiff if you have suffered injuries ranging from severe to catastrophic, then hire the services of an injury lawyer in Brantford to represent your claim. They understand all aspects of the claim process and can help you at every step of the way.

Common Injuries

The recovery period after a slip or trip and fall accident is one that can be lengthy and painful. The most serious injuries usually involve fractures in 5% of the cases. This is especially true among seniors that suffer hip or pelvis fractures. These types of injuries can be debilitating and result in back, neck, and spine injuries; head injuries (traumatic brain injuries); and torn ligaments and tendons. Extensive rehab is often needed. Plus, there may also be cognitive, behavioral, mobility, and ongoing memory problems.