Long-Term Disability Lawyers Discuss Complications Due To Long Periods of Immobilization

A lawyer with experience will know how to recognize a case and with his or her experience they will be able to build a claim regarding compensation. A claim should not only include the injury that initially occurred, but should also cover your rehabilitation from that injury as long as it pertains to your initial injury.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident and you incur injuries that are long term, you will need the assistance of a professional and experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton who knows what to expect and can get you the compensation you deserve long term.

What is Immobilization and how does it cause complications?

It is important that your injury stay immobilized for a certain period of time in order for it to heal properly and in the right way. Here are a few simple and common ways to immobilize an injury for long term:

You can use a sling to hold the limb in one place. While a sling is not solid, it allows for a little flexibility and a little movement. A cast is another way to immobilize an injury. When you place an injured limb or part of a body in a cast, movement is completely restricted so that it has a solid amount of time to recover. An air boot can also be used to immobilize a part of the body in order to give it time to heal.

The problem with these items is that they restrict the range of motion and the muscle can begin to break down and become weak. It can also decrease the amount of blood flow to or from that area and the result would be soft tissue injury. It can also make it difficult to heal long term. You may end up with some type of permanent long term injury.

The same affect is true if you have surgery. With post op surgery, your injured limb can be immobilized which can make a secondary contracture of the muscles occur and you may lose range of motion and experience muscle wasting.

You can also experience postural changes as well as holding static postures which is caused by pain. The result can be the same, muscle weakness and poor range of motion.

When a muscle is left too long without using it or rehabilitating it, this can cause complication in the future. The weakness can add insult to injury making it even more difficult to heal and recover completely.

If you have a pre-existing condition, such as arthritis, this can make it very painful and difficult to move and practice rehabilitation.

How should the effects of immobilization be factored into compensation?

If you find yourself injured, you want to consult with a professional lawyer regarding your injury and find out what rights you may have. You don’t want to lose mobility on a permanent basis, you want to slowly but surely regain your movement again as soon as you can in a safe and effective way.