Know About Types of Slips And Falls Accidents

The truth is that Canadians are regularly injured in slip and fall accidents which result from the unsafe conditions of a certain property. When a person contemplates an accident that may result in a particularly serious injury, car accidents and motorcycle accidents and all sorts of vehicle collisions usually come to mind. However, slip and fall incidents are amongst the leading causes of accidental injuries in the province of Ontario, right on par with vehicle collisions. Even though senior adults are usually the ones who are injured more severely when they fall, people of all sorts of age succumb to these particular injury types.

Unsafe circumstances or certain hazards which cause slip and fall are usually the result of the negligence of the property owner. In Ontario,such accidents can happen throughout every single season. During the winter, the most common causes of these accidents are icy and snowy walkways and sidewalks. In the summer, however, they can result from a range of different unsafe conditions, usually from wet surfaces or uneven walking surfaces as well. Tens of thousands of people in the entire country commonly fall and miss work because of serious injuries caused by accidents of the kind. The types are usually differentiated based on the cause of the slip and fall and they include:

·         Uneven surface

·         Unsuitable footwear

·         Loose or unanchored mats and rugs

·         Spills

·         Wet or oily surfaces

·         Icy or frozen walkways

Of course, there are other causes which need to be accounted for but these are without a doubt the most serious ones. There are also quite a lot of different injuries which may result after an accident of the kind:

·         Facial injuries

·         Concussions as well as traumas to your head

·         Sprains and fractures of the shoulder or your arm

·         Kneecap fractures

·         Fractured tail bone and others of this kind

It is important to make sure that you pay attention when you walk and ensure that you are aware of the conditions that you walk on. If you are walking on a frozen walkway, always make sure that every step is carefully thought out before you make it in order to prevent injuries of this kind. However, if you’ve already been injured, you need to understand that you may be eligible for compensation when it comes to it. You need to contact a personal injury lawyer with the necessary expertise in this regard in order to get the compensation that you are actually entitled to. He will help you through the procedures and provide you with the necessary legal representation. Most of the legal teams and individual lawyers are of the opinion that after getting the requisite medical care, you need to contact a lawyer to ensure that the claim is filed as per the legal parameters. This increases your chances of getting the compensation despite the fact that there are immense number of claims that are denied due to missing out on some processes.