Is Estimating Compensation Possible, If Accident Victim Sustains Back Injury?

Whether large or small, most injuries to some area of the spine result from negligent behavior on the part of those present at the scene of an accidental occurrence. A slight injury can produce a strain or a sprain. More serious damage can force the unfortunate victim to live with a spinal cord injury, or with paralysis.

The economic compensatory damages for which victim should be compensated for money needed for medical expenses, such as surgery, x-rays, imaging techniques or physical therapy. They will need money for any period of hospitalization, or any time that the victim must spend in a rehabilitation facility.

Money that the victim can no longer earn, due to the victim’s decreased earning capacity. An Injury Lawyer in Hamilton may need to seek out an expert, in order to gain support for claims that relate to an injured client’s reduced ability to secure a good-paying job and to earn a living.

The non-economic compensatory damages for which victims deserve compensation:

Pain and suffering: The victim’s journal might be used to showcase the extent of an injured man or woman’s pain. Were pain medicines taken; did they prove effective? The information in the journal entries should help to answer those questions. In addition, the journal entries should match with the message in at least one of the photographs that have been posted on a social media network.

Emotional distress: This source of damage often accompanies the occurrence of a disruptive event.

Any disruption of close family relationships (including sex)

Money to cover the cost of paying a caregiver, a housekeeper or a grounds keeper.

Factors that can reduce the size of the compensation package that gets awarded to the injured victim:

Any example of negligent behavior on the part of the plaintiff. If the plaintiff has fallen, the court will seek evidence of the plaintiff’s willingness to wear a sturdy pair of shoes. Plaintiffs that lack the ability to produce such evidence face the prospect of receiving a smaller compensation package.

Any failure on the plaintiff’s part to mitigate the damages caused by the falling incident. That fact underscores the reason that all accident victims should make a point of being seen by a physician just as soon as possible. By the same token, any potential victim must work to prevent the occurrence of such an incident.

Failure on the part of a legal team to highlight the extent to which forced changes in the plaintiff’s life have triggered the development of emotional stress. For victims that lack the ability to respond to such changes, the same alterations can invite development of problems. At the same time, those alterations can decrease the victims’ ability to cope with both the anticipated and unexpected results.