In What Ways Must The Victim of A Car Accident Deal With The Insurance Company?

Someone that has been injured during a car accident needs to follow an established procedure, in order to obtain any compensation for his or her injuries. While following that procedure, the injured victim should expect to deal with the designated insurance company on 3 different occasions.

The first occasion

The victim first deals with the insurance company after contacting the driver that was responsible for the accident. The victim will tell the same driver that he or she plans to file a personal injury claim. After the victim has made that statement, it is only a matter of time, before an adjuster from the other party’s insurance company contacts the injured victim.

The second occasion

The victim should hire an Injury Lawyer in Brantford, and then help that same attorney to gather the needed evidence. Ideally, the injured driver or passenger has acquired some pictures of the accident scene. It also helps to have the names and contact information for any witnesses. The victim may be asked to attend an independent medical exam (IME). This is arranged by the insurance company. The examining physician will be performing his duties at the request of the insurance company.

The lengthy third occasion

The victim, or a lawyer for the victim must deal with the insurance company throughout the negotiating process. Negotiations should not begin until the victim’s injuries have stabilized, so that the treating physician knows what the permanent effects will be.

Ideally, the two parties will reach an agreement during the negotiations. Once an agreement has been reached, then the adjuster for the insurance company should be sent a confirming letter. That letter should state the date on which the victim expects to receive the promised payment.

Once that check has arrived, the recipient should expect to sign a release form. That serves as evidence that the insurance company is no longer liable for any other losses.

The ways that a lawyer can help the victim of a car accident

Lawyer can keep insurance company from demanding an early settlement. The victim needs to be sure that all possible effects of the accident have been identified. Otherwise, the victim could have further medical problems, and the insurance company would be free from the need to compensate the victim for those added medical expenses.

A lawyer’s help become essential if an insurance company elects to deny the claim made by a given car accident victim. The denial can be appealed.

An attorney can offer needed guidance if the responsible driver happens to be uninsured or under insured. The attorney can work with the victim to see who else might be held accountable for the accident. In addition, other sources of financial assistance can be sought.