How Well Can I Be Compensated For A Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

A number of different factors affect the size of the compensation that gets granted to the victim of a slip and fall incident. You must make sure that those responsible are made aware of the condition of the spot where you fell down. Hopefully, you managed to get some photos of that same location.

2 other ways you can work to increase the size of your compensation

Seek medical care as soon as possible. After you have been given a treatment plan, make a point of following that same plan. Hire a good lawyer. Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Cambridge should evaluate the condition of the accident site. Some of the attorney’s time should also be spent studying the insurance coverage that will be available to you. Hopefully, your lawyer will not overlook mention of money that has been made available to the defendant.

You might want to speak with your attorney about the possibility of suing for punitive damages. If you can show that the property owner was negligent, then you increase the chances that you could be compensated for accident-causing damages.

Examples of a property owner’s negligence

• Broken flooring
• Dim lights
• Construction hazards
• Icy sidewalks
• Upraised sections on a sidewalk
• A front door that does not stay open, even while customers enter a store or restaurant
• A wet floor that has no warning sign

Losses for which you deserve to be compensated

• The money that you paid to the doctors and facilities that sent you medical bills.
• The money spent on medications
• The money spent on rehabilitation therapy and on special equipment, assuming that you had severe injuries.

If you are working, you will suffer a loss of income. If you have become disabled, your lawyer must make the case that you deserve to be compensated for loss of income in the future.

Activities which you may not be able to perform without assistance

• Walking
• Eating, if you fell on an arm, or if you hurt your jaw
• Grooming
• Dressing
• Bathing

If you must pay a caregiver, then you ought to be compensated for that payment.

Arguments you can expect to hear from the defendant’s lawyers.

You were not wearing a sturdy pair of shoes when you had chosen to walk in a dangerous area. You had ignored warning signs and had ventured into a spot where a crew was trying to remove items on the ground or to clean and dry the floor. You had helped to clutter the area where you fell down. For example, it could be that you let your bicycle lie on the ground in that particular spot. If your Personal Injury Lawyer in Brantford cannot offer a strong rebuttal to such arguments, that will reduce the size of your compensation.