How To Deal With Disorders Caused By A Spinal Cord Injury

According to the law in Ontario, the victim that must live with a catastrophic injury has the right to seek a large award, as compensation for pain and suffering. An analysis of the challenges facing someone that is living with a spinal cord injury highlights the basis for that particular law.

Nature of body’s condition when spinal cord has been injured:

Something has severed the protective covering around the nerves inside the backbone. Those nerves become unable to carry out their intended function. In other words, the nervous system can no longer send messages back and forth between specific muscles and the areas of the brain that are supposed to control those same muscles.

Impact of spinal cord injury on other functions of body:

The location of the damage determines the full extent of the injury’s impact. That location determines which body movements the victim can no longer perform. At the same time, it determines what body-parts fail to exhibit the expected capacity to feel specific sensations.

Some victims with a severed cord become dependent on a wheelchair, because they can no longer use their legs. Other victims find it impossible to move either their legs or their arms. In that latter case, the same victims have lost the touch sensation in their hands and arms, as well as in their legs.

A personal injury lawyer in Hamilton, deals with cases in which the negligent act committed by another party has caused the person targeted by that same action to suffer a spinal cord injury.

Failure to maintain a property properly might cause someone visiting that same property to fall and get injured. Depending on the nature of that fall, it might result in a severing of the protection around the nerves in the victim’s backbone.

The occurrence of a car accident might get followed by a report about one or more catastrophic injuries. Any one of those could have resulted from a severing of the cord that holds the nerves in the backbone.

Sometimes someone that has chosen to take part in a sporting event gets injured. Depending on the nature of that event, the injurious incident might have resulted in a severing of the protective covering around the nerves within the backbone. If that participant had been denied requested protection, he or she could hire a personal injury lawyer.
A negligent act does not always cause an accident. If it was done intentionally, then it qualifies as a criminal action.

Still, the victim can use a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for damages, which may include punitive damages. In addition, those damages could cause serious medical problems, such as those associated with a severed spinal cord.