How And When To Call The Insurance Company?

Contracts can be intimidating. However, if you drive a vehicle, you daily depend on a contract, and that is your insurance policy. This contract controls and describes the communication with the insurance company, and what is expected from you and the insurer if you’re involved in a vehicle accident.

Here are a few tips to making dealing with the vehicle insurance contract and your insurer as seamless as possible.

• Call the insurance adjuster after the mishap instead of the company’s claims office. You can request a letter showing the date on when you had called in for information of your coverage and claim. It will also provide written confirmation that the report was passed on to the insurance company’s claims department, so you have proof that you filed for a claim.
• You will also receive a letter from the insurance company’s claims department. If you don’t receive that letter, contact the department to make sure your mishap has been actively reported. The letter from your insurance agent will be the proof that you made the claim.
• You may have an option to make a claim through the insurance company’s website or app. This is convenient. Just make sure you keep any confirmation email as proof of your claim submission.
• Be aware that the insurance has the right to the following, depending on the details of the insurance claim –
o The right to inspect your vehicle
o Any payment you receive from a third party. This payment is called subrogation
o Direct access to your work and medical records

Access to Work and Medical Records

Almost every insurance policy has a clause in there that allows for the insurance company to look at your work and directly send you the medical records. In case, you need the insurance service to pay for lost wages or medical bills. You may be asked to sign an Authorization for Release of Records which will need to be signed in order for your insurance company to proceed with the claim.

Be sure to read the release carefully. You want understand what information you’re giving your insurance company access to. If you’re unsure, seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer in Brantford.

Some documents not related to the accident or coverage you’re requesting. Thus, you need to sign the document along with the details because those details and documents are important.

Right of Subrogation

Most of the time this is just a notice. You may be asked to sign to confirm that you’re aware of the insurance company’s legal right to recover any money paid out from a third party, like another person’s insurance company.

Right to Inspect Your Vehicle

This point is self-explanatory. You must allow your insurance company to inspect the damage to your vehicle before that vehicle is repaired. If you refuse, the insurance company can deny your claim.