Help For Quick Resolution of A Car Accident Case

You can never hope to resolve an automobile accident case, until you have filed a claim. That should put you a step closer to the time when you get contacted by the other driver’s insurance company. When the company’s adjuster calls you, it helps to have all the necessary information close-at-hand.

The information that you should collect at the scene of the collision includes the name of the other driver, name of the company that sold an insurance policy to that other driver; the number on that same policy. Additionally, the license plate number on any other vehicles involved in the accident and names and contact information for any witnesses needs to be recorded.

Items that work to speed-up the resolution:

• Any photographs that you took at the scene of the collision, or any pictures taken when you had returned to the accident site.
• A copy of the police report

Evidence that serves as proof of the amount of property damage that resulted from the incident reported by the police:

• Bills from the company that completed the repairs
• Bills from the company that furnished a rental car, which you used while the damaged one was being prepared.
• Bills that show how much money you had to spend on towing and, possibly, on a taxi ride home.

You will need evidence that serves as proof of your medical expenses and this will be bills from the hospital, if you visited the emergency room or were admitted overnight. Any bills from any testing facility. Try to find an injury lawyer in Cambridge that is familiar with the type of tests that are normally run on accident victims. Even if you suffered no more than a strained muscle, the degree of that strain can be measured.

You can present bills from the treating physician; bills from any specialist that you had to see, or that any family member riding in the car on the day of the accident was scheduled to see. Submit bills from any one that took the time to massage you on a regular basis; alternately, get hold of a time sheet, one that shows how frequently you had scheduled a massage. You will need bills from any one that helped you to complete a series of therapy sessions, in which you took part in a program of rehabilitation therapy.

Additionally, you will need evidence that can help you get reimbursed for lost wages. Let your boss provide you with a paper that states what your salary was on the day of the collision. If you are self-employed, seek the assistance of an accountant. Work with an injury lawyer to discover how much your injuries have diminished your future earning capacity. In other words, find a lawyer that will take the time to speak with an expert in the field of medicine that deals with your type of injury.