What To Do After You File Your Insurance Claim?

Accidents are unfortunate and as much as we try to avoid them, they tend to happen. This is especially true for the province of Ontario and when it comes to car and motorcycle accidents. Luckily, not all of them end in serious damages and some of them are a matter of insurance. The majority of the vehicle owners and drivers are aware that they need to file an insurance claim but they have no idea what happens afterwards. This is the trigger of a complicated process which will definitely require quite some time and effort to settle down. So, let’s have a look.

What happens once you’ve filed the claim with the insurance company?

Now, once you have already reported your claim, you will get contacted by a company representative – an insurance adjuster. He will be assigned to your file. In certain cases, the adjuster is likely to want to meet you in person while in other instances you might be able to handle the entire claim over the phone. In order to support your claim, you may also need to complete a form which is known to be a Proof of Loss Form. This is basically a sworn statement which is there to support your own claim.

The adjuster is going to determine the extent to which your claim is actually covered by what’s regulated in the insurance policy. He is also going to explain the types of coverage which is provided by your policy and he will help you through the entire process, which is alright. If you have any questions, you might want to ask your adjuster directly.

Do not be overly comfortable

Now, the insurance adjuster is going to act in a way as if all he wants to do is to get you compensated. That’s not true. In fact, the opposite is – his intention is to reduce your compensation and cut back the potential coverage as much as it’s possible. That’s just it – insurance companies are there to make money and the more they cut off, the more they report as profit. Hence, the adjuster is going to use every trick in the book to decline the amount of your coverage and that’s something that you need to take into consideration.

This is why you should refrain from over sharing information with the insurance adjuster. It’s best if you handle things with the help of a professional personal injury lawyer on your behalf. He will be capable of helping you out substantially and providing you with the legal representation that you need in order to thoroughly handle the insurance company and the adjusters who are assigned. This is something of great significance as by hiring the services of a lawyer, you are sure to be on the path of getting the compensation. They know how to deal with an insurance company and will represent your rights at all times.