Motorcycle Riders and the Greater Risk of Personal Injury

How many times can you remember driving down one of the many Provincial highways or roads and seeing a pack of motorcycle riders cruising past you? Probably a number of times, correct? It’s difficult to imagine what drives a person to travel down the road at high speeds without having any more protection than the helmet and leather clothing that they are wearing.  There’s a simple reason for this – motorcyclists love their bikes and how it feels to take on the open road unprotected.


Unfortunately because of that lack of protection, these individuals are at the highest risk of getting into a serious accident with another vehicle and sustaining catastrophic injuries in the process.  There are no air bags, seat belts, or any other type of protective safety devices to decrease their exposure when being struck by a considerably heavier and much larger vehicle.  Consequently, when they encounter another vehicle and an accident ensues, their industries are very serious or catastrophic in nature.


In past situations such as these, many motorcyclists have had to rely on the experience and expertise of a personal injury lawyer in Cambridge who specializes in these types of cases.  These individuals are highly knowledgeable of the laws that apply to motorcycle riders and know how to protect their rights to getting fair and equitable compensation for their injuries and other damages.  Whenever you or loved one has been hurt or has got injured in an accident and is a victim for no-fault because the accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, filing a personal injury claim is your only recourse in such matters.


Impact on Injury Victims


In Cambridge, motorcyclist accidents involving cars, semi-trucks, SUV’s, vans, trucks, and other types of vehicles can be extremely serious at the least.  As a result, motorcycle riders rarely walk away unscathed from their experience.  In many cases, the injured rider is left permanently disabled or the accident is fatal.  So as you can readily see, motorcycle accidents are rarely minor in nature and result in catastrophic injuries more often than not.  Some of the more common injuries include:


  • amputations
  • broken bones or more serious fractures
  • orthopedic injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries


Your personal injury lawyer and his or her support staff understand the many challenges that motorcycle riders oftentimes face when they take to the open road so they tend to be extremely compassionate towards injured clients and their needs. Thus, if you have been injured, talk with them today.


So it is easy to understand why they are committed to protecting your rights to compensation for your injuries.  Your recovery is critical to your health and well-being.  So the last thing you need is the stress and worry involved with navigating the legal process. If you’ve recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should consider hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer so you can focus on what’s more important – you and your recovery. Start looking online or get referrals from friends and family. You need to be compensated and get justice for no fault of yours.

How To Proceed If You’ve Experienced Traumatic Brain Injuries?

First of all, it should be made clear that not every accident is going to result in some sort of injuries. However, the brute reality is that the majority of them would cause some traumatic injuries, including such of the brain or orthopedic ones. These injuries often lead to severe pain and suffering which is also subject to compensation as per the current legislation of Canada, which is enforceable in the province of Ontario. It’s also important to keep in mind that there are limitations set forth in the Statute of Limitations. This Act stipulates that certain cases can only be brought forward within a specified time period, which has to be considered. The solution is fair.

In any case, traumatic brain injuries are definitely the most unfortunate consequence. This is due to the fact that our brain is the single most important organ in our body and injuring it could lead to grave long term and even permanent damages. Some of the accidents which could lead to brain trauma include but are certainly not limited to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall and many more. It’s important to be aware of your rights or to contract a lawyer which is experience and is capable of representing you in front of the respective authorities.

Brain injuries are severe. The brain is an organ which is consisted of millions of neurons which are transferring information all across our bodies. A brain injury can cause permanent disabilities such as blindness, loss of hearing, paralysis and many more. You should be aware that you would be able to claim the direct damages which required you to make certain expenses and the ones which occurred after the fact. These are economic losses and emotional traumas.

An economic loss is a consequence of an injury which rendered you unable to work or unable to work to the same extend. This has translated to a certain loss of income which you can be filing for as compensation. It’s important to note that you can only file for the amount of money which exceeds the amount you have received from your insurance company, provided you have one. The compensation that is going to be awarded has to be respectively reduced in order to avoid enrichment which is not regulated.

Emotional trauma on the other hand can include a whole lot of things. The depression that you are likely to suffer because of the way your life has shifted is one thing. Also you can be depressed because you are not able to provide your close ones with the attention that you used to or because you are causing them inconvenience with the fact that they have to take care of you.

Different types of brain and spinal cord injuries

Brain and spinal cord injuries are some of the most severe and dangerous damages that a human can possibly endure. They are related to the most sensitive body parts and are likely to leave a mark for the entire life of the injured. This is why Personal Injury Lawyers in Hamilton tend to take them incredibly serious. They are also the reason for some of the highest compensatory claims to be filed simply because the non-pecuniary damages are immense. However, in order to file a lawsuit of this kind, the Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton should be well aware of the damages themselves as well as how the Ontario legislative provisions relate to it. With this in mind, we have to take into consideration the types of head injuries as well as their symptoms and the possible long-term problems that they could lead to.

Reasons for debilitating TBI or spinal injuries

For the sake of full disclosure, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton should be well aware of the possible brain injuries that may be caused as a result of an accident. There are several different types of them. First off, you may be in front of a direct damage to the skull itself, which may have resulted in a crack for instance, or a slim break. In this case the damage is going to be considered as a penetrating head injury. These are extremely dangerous and full recovery is not always possible.

However, the ones that are even more difficult to diagnose are the closed head injuries where you won’t be able to observe any obvious damage to the skull. This is where things get complicated in the court. The fact that there is no evidence of someone being hurt might be cause for some reasonable doubt as to whether or not he is suffering a brain injury at all. This is where the symptoms and the medical expertise come into play as evidence. Your doctors reports are strong evidence.

What are the symptoms of an injury of this kind?

Brain injuries are almost always going to be introduced by certain signs which are conclusive for the particular disorder. This should be used as an advantage by the Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton. This may be the only possible way to actually prove that the person is indeed suffering from a brain trauma of that particular kind which will have a direct impact on the compensatory claims.

However, make sure that you take into consideration the particular cause of the damage. This is due to the fact that there are certain limitations which are being placed by the Canada’s Limitation Act. Under this particular act the different causes for the injury can be pursued in court only before a certain amount of time has passed after which they would become void and inadmissible. Thus, it is best to consult an experienced lawyer quickly after an accident.