Are Motorcyclist At An Increased Risk of Sustaining Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Even with all the advances of modern medicine, doctors are still struggling to diagnose patients with traumatic brain injury. And even when they are diagnosed, it is often with “mild” traumatic brain injury, which is a term that severely undersells the seriousness of its long-term effects. The next stage would be moderate or severe traumatic brain injury which has even more devastating consequences on the victim’s mind, body, and brain.

Connection Between Traumatic Brain Injury And Motorcyclists

Statistics have shown that traumatic brain injury is the number one cause of death among motorcyclists, and usually brought on by the severity of the impact when the motorcyclist is flung off their vehicle and their head collide with the pavement.Half of all brain injuries, which includes traumatic brain injury, stem from motor vehicle collisions and falls, as Canadian statistics have shown. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to such brain injuries, and even more vulnerable to being fatally injured.

In fact, the Transport Canada data has revealed that a total of 80 percent of the reported motorcycle collisions have ended with the motorcyclist being either injured or killed, with half of these fatalities being caused by head injuries.A noticeable portion of motorcycle collisions were caused by hard brakes which led to the motorcyclist being flung off their vehicle and left to hit the ground with great force.

In the event that the motorcyclist hits the ground head first, the chances of them sustaining a head injury are relatively high since the brain is likely to have collided with the inner walls of the skull. And should they have neglected to wear a helmet, even extremely high since there will be no protective barrier between their head and the rough unforgiving surface of the ground.

Protect Your Head By Wearing A Helmet

The best way to protect yourself against traumatic brain injury is to wear a helmet whenever you take your motorcycle for a spin. A study conducted by researchers has found that motorcyclists who forgo helmets collectively reach a head injury rate that as more than twice the height of that made up by motorcyclists who decided to wear helmets.If this has encouraged you to start wearing helmet, then be sure to buy one that meets the following standards:

• A snug fit
• Cushioning along the forehead
• An unobstructed field of vision
• Holds and approved safety certificate

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