Actions To Take If Injured On City Property

Any resident of Ontario that gets injured on city property ought to hire a lawyer, before taking any other action. That is because that injured man or woman will need help with meeting certain deadlines.

The first deadline that must be met

In Ontario, someone that has been injured on city property has 10 days in which to prepare a written notice of the intention to file a claim. Failure to send such a notice results in removal of the victim’s right to sue the city. The written notice cannot be sent in the same way as a typical letter. It should be sent by registered mail, or hand delivered to the Council Services Department.

What to include in the written notice?

The written notice needs to show that the victim has grounds for suing the city. Consequently, it should include an explanation of how the city’s lack of care created the sort of setting in which an accident was likely to happen. That statement will help the city’s leaders to judge whether or not the victim has grounds for suing the city.

Of course, those that read the written notice also need to know all the details that relate to the accident of interest. For instance, on what day of the month and year did it take place? During what time of day did it take place? Where did the accident take place?

The written notice ought to offer some clues, as to the severity of the victim’s injuries. After all, the city leaders would not agree to spend time and effort on responding to a suit that had been filed by someone that had suffered just a minor injury.

Consequently, the victim’s notice should provide answers to these questions: What medical treatment was prescribed for the injured victim? Are there any doctors’ notes? If so, a picture of such notes should be included, along with other pieces of evidence.

It also helps to have certain additional pieces of evidence, all of which should be enclosed in the envelope with the written notice. For instance, the city leaders will have a better understanding of what took place, if they can view pictures of the victim’s injuries. Any receipts for paid medical bills would also help to showcase the nature of the victim’s injuries.

Finally, it would be a good idea to include the names of any witnesses in the envelope with the written notice. The contact information for such witnesses is not necessary. Still, it can be a challenge to assemble all of that added information. That is why smart victims always make a point of doing one thing—going out and hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Brantford.